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Eating Disorder (A common cause of Over weight)

Eating disorder is a common problem in teens today. These occur because of hormonal changes occurring in the body. There may be other mental disorders like depression, anxiety, substance abuse etc. Eating disorder causes serious health problems in teens which require long term treatment.
There are different types of teen’s eating disorders. These are:
(i) Teen Bulimia
It is an eating disorder which involves eating and vomiting. A child with bulimia suffers excessive weight loss through dieting, vomiting, or excessive exercise.
Symptoms: Paranoid about body weight, fainting, vomit after eating food, calorie conscious, use of medicine to control weight.
Treatment: Different therapies are used to cure bulimia.
(ii) Teen Anorexia
It is common in teen girls and is also known as anorexia nervosa. The teens get obsessed about being thin and not gaining weight and develop a habit of not eating anything to retain that. They think that they are fat when they are actually not.
Symptoms: Becomes thin, excessive exercise, feels fat, denial that they are fat, reduce the amount of food given to them, feels cold a lot.
Treatment: The first step to treat anorexic teens is to get them back to normal weight. Individual and family counseling along with proper advice and treatment from doctor will work.
(iii) Teen Obesity
Children in the age group of 6 to 19 years are the worst affected by teen obesity. A teen get obese because of wrong eating habits of family. To get rid of obesity, a child should play sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball and should go for swimming, skating etc. Aerobics, gym, and gymnastics also work for them.
Causes: Lack of physical activity, wrong eating habits, spending extra time in front of TV.
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