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Impact of Family Divorce on Teens

An unhappy marital relationship is always a problem for children. Separation and divorce can ruin the entire family. Children who live in such environment show severe psychological changes. Parents divorce is like a crossroads in a child’s life. Most of the marriages in United States land up in divorce.
Causes of divorce:
(i) Poor communication. (ii) Financial problem. (iii) Lack of commitment to marriage. (iv) Sudden change in priorities. (v) Unfaithfulness.
Statistics of children of divorced parents:
(i) 63% children suffer from some kind of psychological problem like anxiety, depression, anger etc. (ii) 56% children do no perform well in school and show poor results. (iii) 43% children show aggression in their behavior and become irritable in small issues.
In the early age if a child comes to know about the divorce of parents he is usually unaware or confused about its causes. But, an adolescent finds it difficult to cope up if this kind of situation exists in the family. Sometimes teens even help parents to prevent their split.
The emotions of a child, whose parents are divorced, may change frequently. The may get angry, upset, and frustrated on small issues. The may even feel afraid, guilty, or worried at times. Though children may think of that they are the cause of their parent’s split but this is not usually the case.
Effects of divorce on children:
(i) It effects on children-security. (ii) It effects on children-self-worth. (iii) It effects on children-vulnerability.
The kids are the worst affected by divorce. They spent half of their life living with one parent and the other half with the other parent or in many cases they feel absence of one parent, which is most likely father. They feel insecure and cry time and again.
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