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Peer Pressure Influence

Teens want to be with friends of their own age. These friends are known as the peers. At this age, teens are attached more to their peers than to their parents to develop their own identity. This may sometimes detach the teens from their family members.
The influence of peer can be negative or positive depending on the type of peers and their influence. Positive peer pressure may encourage teens to do good things whereas negative peer pressure may indulge teens into wrong habits and risky behavior.
There may be more influence of peers than of families. The features that peer group offer but parents do not are:
(i) Strong belief. (ii) Clear cut rules and goals. (iii) Discussions on subjects like drugs, sex etc.
Peer pressure may indulge students into risky behaviors of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual activity, theft, violence etc. The youths must look for the type of friends they are getting indulged with. They should be good enough in making choices and decisions between wrong and right.
Parents can support their teens by:
(i) Keeping a positive relationship with their teen. (ii) Being actually interested in teen’s activities. (iii) Encouraging independent thought and expression.
The child who is influenced by the peer pressure must also know how to balance the values and how to adapt them.
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